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Village Environment Community (VEC) Is a Helambu based organisation. Created for the purpose of aiding Helambu village development, for example; providing education facilities for the children of Ghankharka. As well as Education VEC also needs help from sponsors for on-going projects such as; health camps, providing food, shelter and clothing. VEC Gladly welcome any volunteer who can support us in any way. In return we can offer you help to get to our community, accomodation, food and support and to make your stay with us an enjoyable, benificial and memorable experience. We Especially Welcome Visitors from overseas.


Our volunteer program was created to engage interested people to volunteer in our various project activities and to help expand the development of this community and the surrounding localities. Our community is prepared to offer our love, hospitality and a memorable experience to all interested persons who are willing to share their knowledge, experience and ideas with our villagers. Thank you for your interest and support.

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